WHO we are

FACE Industrial Safety Ltd is an innovative developer of mainstream and tailor made applications for safety and health at work. We are a team of safety experts and programmers working with an international network of professional safety specialists from various sectors of industry that contribute their specialized knowledge in our applications.


WHERE we aim

FACE is exclusively addressed to health and safety professionals. We are specialized in understanding and serving your needs with effective applications that save you time and effort from theoretical readings and vague guidelines.

Our aim is to become the absolute partner of safety professionals in managing workplace risks.


WHAT we offer

Our mainstream applications (available at include:

  • mini open access applications for all aspects of safety (including PPE, lighting, microclimate, human factors, chemicals, ergonomics, safety signs and more...)
  • mini risk assessment applications for small shops (office, bakery, butchery, education/training, hairdressing, retail shops, restaurant/cafe and vehicle repair)
  • an international safety expert finder
  • our integrated industrial safety wizzard for safety management of medium-scale operations.

Apart from our mainstream applications we develop tailor made applications to suit your particular needs upon demand, including peculiar operations, corporate or national monitoring systems, etc.


HOW we work

FACE consists of a creative team of software developers and a safety coordination team working together for the development of top safety applications. To develop these applications, our core team utilizes specialized knowledge from an international network of external safety experts from all sectors of industry, that work with us on an ad hoc basis, contributing their specialized knowledge in our applications. Contact us to be a part of FACE network.


WHEN to use

Our products help you identify and assess risks of practically every work post. They also allow you to update the situation at any time in the future, before or after any changes. Therefore, they are always useful at any stage of your involvement in safety. All of our products are web based applications, offering you access from anywhere: your notebook, tablet or smartphone.


WHY choose us

By far, we are the mainstream professional developer of web applications in the field of safety and health at work. This is a statement you can easily verify for yourself by testing our applications (access is always open).

Our applications are together fast, accurate, costless and easy, focusing directly on the needs of field safety professionals, without theoretical analyses, vagueness and readings.

If you are a free lancer or full-time occupied safety professional, we offer you a number of tools to easily deal with all aspects of safety, an integrated wizzard to run everyday safety in your workplace(s) and the opportunity to advertise yourself in a top safety webpage.

If you represent a corporation, or a national labor inspectorate, we can offer you a customized version of our tools in an interactive platform that will allow for remote audits and cross-site comparisons, without having to leave your office. This will allow you to run your safety auditing in a fraction of cost and time you need now.